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Welcome to Alameda Middle School!  Our goal online is the same goal we have on campus, to serve our families and create an environment that leads to success.  Thank you for taking the time to explore our resources.  We are confident that you'll discover what so many of our Alameda learners have already found to be true, it's great to be a Yellow Jacket!

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I have had the pleasure of teaching Josh Morrissey for two years now in both ELA and Creative Writing. Teaching Josh is similar to having another adult in the room. He is respectful, responsible, mature, and compassionate. Josh is always on task and completes his assignments with the utmost care and attention. To know and to teach Josh is to appreciate him. Josh is truly a wonder in and out of the classroom.

Ms. Lyndsey Matthews, AMS ELA Teacher

I have rarely had students who are as kind as Olivia Perez. She goes so far out of her way to help and encourage students in her class who are struggling. Because of her, and students wanting to be with her and like her, more students will be successful in the large class. I know she is kind like this all day in all of her classes, even when she thinks no one is watching because that is just who she is. Olivia is an amazing girl.

Ms. Jodi Diaz, AMS PE Teacher

Finley is impressively upbeat, outgoing, and intelligent! He is a kid who will greet and welcome anyone and everyone. He is also a kid who will genuinely ask about your day and then engages in a full-blown conversation with your response. Finley cares about everyone he meets. Finley has a warmth about him that is truly unique to his age!

Ms. Matthews

Ms. Mann is the sweetest teacher ever! Her teaching skills are great and she's so helpful. 

Bryn C.

Paxton goes out of his way to be extra kind to some of the students in his PE class with special needs. During our first day of hockey, I noticed him talking to each of the ERR students individually. At the end of class I found out he was encouraging each one to set a goal during the game and achieve it. Each student had a different goal. We have 2 learners who participated for the first time trying to meet the goal Paxton set with them. I know that Paxton doesn't think anything special. This is just who he is.

Mrs. Diaz, PE Teacher

My three years at Alameda have been the best.  I learned so much and really made great friends.  I played sports, and enjoyed a math club!  Thanks to my teachers at AMS, I am ready for high school!

Eighth Grade Learner